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personal loans enjoy the convenient financing

business briefs: private consumption, business loans a bank to natural persons, individual businesses or small business owners paid for borrowers of legitimate business activity, compliance uses, such as diversification of consumption demand of local-currency loans. depending on the specific use mainly comprehensive consumer personal auto loans, personal loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, personal small loans five varieties.  

the main application object: 1. consumer use: car buyers, home buyers, housing renovation, purchase of durable consumer goods such as consumer demand for funds of natural persons. 2. business: national policy support and in line with the local industry and the private owners of the industry; industrial clusters with a certain scale and potential for development, such as small commodity wholesale market, building materials and steel, fruits and vegetables wholesale market the wholesale market, logistics parks, cultural and creative industrial base, the mall has a fixed place of business, business, income and stability of new operators.  

feature advantages: 1. loan easy, simple procedures quickly. 2. meet the borrower consumption or its legitimate business activities of business entities required for temporary needs. 3. higher credit lines, and repayment options. 4. diverse loans, mortgage, pledge, guarantee, credit can be used.  

processing terms: borrower shall comply with the following conditions: 1. with full civil capacity of a natural person. 2. have a valid proof of identity and proof of marital status. 3. with a stable source of income and ability to repay the loan principal and interest in full and on time. 4. the willingness to have a good credit record and repayment, borrowers in bank and other financial institutions have found no adverse credit history. 5. clear loan and loan purpose in conformity with the relevant provisions.  

credit: mortgages, up to the value of the mortgage 70% used pledge, up to 90% per cent of the collateral value.  

loan term: personal car consumption loan term most long not over 5 years; personal integrated consumption loan term most long not over 15 years; personal housing mortgage loan term most long not over 10 years, purchase uses most long not over 20 years; personal business loan term most long not over 5 years; personal small loan term general for 6 months within, most long not over 1 years.  

interest rate: interest rate in accordance with people's bank of china, combined with the credit status of the borrower and the risks identified.  

method of repayment: by equal installments on a monthly principal and interest repayment, monthly periodic principal repayment, weekly debt repayment, monthly coupon expired one-time debt-repayment and "free" payment method, and so on.